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Geometric Shapes for Preschoolers

May 26, 2016

Colors and shapes actually form the world around us, being very important basic knowledge. We use colors and shapes to describe things, that's why children should learn these concepts early.

Why is it so important to learn shapes as soon as possible?

  • As long as shapes and colors help to describe the world around us, kids develop their verbal communication skills while learning names of shapes.
  • When children start to identify geometric shapes, they can group things of the same or different shape, thus they develop logic and analytical skills.
  • Shapes have much in common with letters and numbers, by understanding shapes kids learn how to form them easier. Why choose watching Kids Academy videos?
  • Through our videos kids can learn common shapes: Square, Triangle, Circle, Rectangle, Rhombus.
  • Videos make learning an exciting activity for kids – they learn the names of shapes and the way they look like in real life while watching an amusing cartoon about building a great new house.
  • Kids don't concentrate on the fact they are studying, they are just assisting the cartoon character, thus learning turns into having fun.

Parents just love seeing that their children enjoy studies and make progress day after day. Your kids will surely enjoy our funny colorful videos and learn shapes easily. By the way, you can add to your their education by pointing at different shapes at home and in the street. Let them draw nice pictures with different shapes or build towers out of blocks.

Check our channel for more video materials and enjoy your studies! At Kids Academy site you can also find lots of other educational materials on shapes for preschoolers for more practice. For example, have a look at our shapes worksheets that can be downloaded and printed for free!


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