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Kids Academy Interactive Worksheets - Now Also on the Website!

July 21, 2021

We strive to make our product interesting and captivating for children, so we spare no time and effort to develop new features. Recently, one of such features has appeared on the Kids Academy website. Now everyone can do the worksheets and get the scores without installing our application on mobile devices. It is convenient, and it allows children and their parents to get insight into the contents of the application without any further obligations.


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  Note: you’ve been able to use our interactive worksheets with automatic checks in our Free applications since long ago. But now this feature is available when you visit our site.

What Does It Look Like?

First, you need to enter Kids Worksheets in the Learning Resources section on our website and choose the worksheet you need. Then click on the  “Complete online” button and start working right in the browser. 

Our interactive toddlers' worksheets are designed specially for young children. In our catalog, you can find tasks for grades from PRE-K up to Grade 3.

To work with interactive worksheets for kids, we recommend you use touchscreen devices. Your child thus can use a finger or stylus for doing various tasks. This is a great exercise to practice spelling, tracing letters and numbers. The worksheets are fully compatible with all devices and browsers. But we recommend using Tablet Like devices, for example, an iPad, etc.

After pressing the Start button, your child can work with the worksheet. The same functions as in the app are available here:  ‘Pencil’, ‘Eraser’, ‘Clear all’, sound, voice recording, ‘Task complete’. You can also choose the previous or the next worksheet.

If the task is completed correctly, the worksheet is highlighted green, and you are offered to go to the next task. If the task is completed incorrectly, you hear an encouraging phrase and are offered to try again. We’ve made sure the child won’t be upset if the task was not completed correctly.  In any case, the child gets support and positive evaluation of their efforts (by voice), as they hear the encouraging "Let's Try Once Again" and no rejection. 

How This Works

This check is interactive and has been developed with the use of neural network technology which allows checking how correctly a task is completed. We have used Machine Learning for the neural network with the help of a teacher who corrected inaccuracies in checking the worksheets made by the neural network (Supervised Learning). Now, this technology makes it possible to perform such types of checks as letter and number tracing as well as object circling, while the checks of the labyrinths, ticks in the checkboxes, chess, and ordinary tracing are performed with the help of classic image processing algorithms (Computer Vision). This spectrum of checks is quite wide and sufficient to create various types of tasks so that the child doesn’t get bored while working with the worksheets on the same topic. The type of check for each worksheet is selected by the designer based on the type of task and the margin of error in the answer variations.

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