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Kids Academy Summer Camp is Back

June 22, 2021

As kids and their families get back to a more normal summer this year, there is no doubt that last school year will definitely be remembered as one of the most stressful in recent memory. Even as in-person school resumes in earnest for summer sessions, many parents may be disappointed to learn that offerings are shockingly scant for elementary learners and focus primarily on recovering lost learning due to the chaotic nature of virtual or hybrid schooling last school year.

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While district summer school programs are already underway, Kids Academy remains committed to bringing families the very best educational resources that are designed not only to remediate for learning gaps, but to offer authentic learning opportunities to enhance skills and stimulate new learning. The Summer Camp program embedded within the Talented and Gifted app strives to do exactly that! Again this year, we are proud to bring back our one-of-a-kind Summer Camp curriculum that targets your child’s academic needs to nurture their continued growth and learning, poising them for success in the fall and beyond!


What’s Included?


Early learning is so important because children must build a foundation on which to base all future learning. With this in mind, our Summer Camp homes in on core subject areas to target the topics and concepts kids need to be successful in school and life. Users will find Summer Camp courses for students in or rising to Preschool through the 3rd grade. Depending on grade level and your child’s individual learning needs, families will find that the curriculum covers the following areas:


  • English language arts, including early literacy development, phonics, reading comprehension and fluency, and writing skills
  • Mathematics skills, such as developing numeracy and number sense, logical reasoning skills, and foundational skills like place value, addition, subtraction, and more!
  • Social studies concepts that target the basics of communities and citizenship, US and world history, and culture
  • Science skills that cover a wide breadth of topics that include natural and Earth sciences as well as early physics principals


Of course, all topics presented are age and grade appropriate, with skills becoming progressively more complex as the learner works through

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What Makes it Great?


Our summer camp program is thoughtfully designed by expert educators and real teachers, just like all our apps! Parents and kids can expect to access only the highest quality learning experiences through expertly curated content that offers the following winning features:


  • All learning games, worksheets, and assessments are engaging and interactive, allowing for immediate positive feedback for both the learner and the parents
  • Versatile activities, such as coloring pages and free worksheets that can be both completed in the app, or printed to offer hands-on practice
  • Fun animated videos, songs, and storybooks to keep kids interested and motivated, allowing for a more enjoyable learning experience
  • Professional lessons delivered by real teachers for direct instruction of targeted skills and concepts
  • A parent dashboard that lets families keep track of progress for all children enrolled in the summer camp courses


Don’t let the summer slip by without ensuring that kids are given the best opportunity to grow their skills and continue their learning! Our Summer Camp program is an awesome way to remediate for learning gaps while also allowing little learners to achieve their fullest potential. As a parent, monitor their progress and see for yourself; subscribe to the Talented and Gifted app to check out Summer Camp today!

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