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Explaining Fractions to Kids

May 25, 2022

Welcome to Kids Academy’s Second Math Learning Bundle! This learning bundle is tailored to facilitate the teaching-learning process at home between you and your kids. The lessons here are arranged in a manner wherein the students will be able to use the preceding lesson as a bridge to the next lesson, which sustains increasing levels of challenge. Kids Academy, the creator of this bundle, has been engrossed in making your kids’ exploration of concepts worthwhile, fascinating, remarkable, and impactful. This bundle contains the following articles, which aid in introducing the topic, Fractions:

  • What Are Fractions?;
  • What Are Equivalent Fractions?; and
  • Comparing Fractions.

The first article, What Are Fractions?, is set to familiarize kids with what fractions are so that they can use this knowledge as an anchor in dealing with fraction-related activities in real life. At the end of this article, they will also know what numerators and denominators are, and they will realize the importance of dealing with fractions and their parts. As an overview of the lesson, a fraction represents a specific part of a whole number and comprises two parts: the numerator which represents the parts taken or considered and the denominator which tells the total number of parts in the said whole. Here are some learning worksheets designed to aid your kids in learning the concept of fractions:


The second article, What Are Equivalent Fractions?, is created to show your children that there are fractions with the same value. This helps them distinguish when fractions are equal and when they are not. To give you a glimpse, equivalent or equal fractions, no matter how different their numerators and denominators are, can be determined by your kids, especially through visual representations. At the same time, these representations elevate the chances of your children to remember and apply what has been taught to them. Below are the sample math worksheets, which are brainstormed and produced by our very own, Kids Academy team:

The third article, Comparing Fractions, allows the kids to compare fractions to determine which has greater or lesser value. This is helpful especially when they are faced with scenarios where they are required to choose among things with different values. Take a look at the two worksheets below, which are carefully constructed to make your kids’ excitement even more alive.


In summary, this learning bundle comprises articles that strive to guide your kids in gaining their momentum in learning fractions, going through the challenges with smiles in their faces, and gradually obtaining the mastery of the lesson. From explaining what fractions are, to determining equivalent fractions, until arriving with the time to compare fractions, the children’s lessons are well-paced. With your compassionate heart and keen eyes toward your kids’ learning, they will be able to surpass the difficulty the concept of fractions poses.

Congratulations in advance as you are leading your kids in the right trail to learn another set of mathematical concepts. Kids Academy will be with you all throughout your kids’ learning journey. Stay updated as we constantly release new interactive contents for your kids!

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