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What’s New on the Blog This Week - August 3

Aug. 3, 2021

Here is a fresh Kids Academy Weekly Digest for those who want to catch up with the latest updates and news of our educational resources. As a weekend has passed by, we are ready with the latest releases. See what we have on the website for you this week by taking a look below:

A Back-to-School Checklist

The annual back-to-school preparations may still do young parents’ heads in. It is important to bear in mind thousands of minutiae that can bear down upon the attitude and spirit of both parents and children and by extension tell on the start of the learning process. That’s why we gathered the most valuable materials on this topic and hurry up with the set of tips and selection of related articles for you to put the things right:

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Educational Article

We came up with new ideas which may interest you. Probably you and your child feel anxious as a new school year approaches. To dial down the level of fear and psychological discomfort one may practice a mindful approach to their lives both inside and outside classroom doors. Check this off-standard topic in our new article to see that mindfulness is far more than just meditation and find practical strategies on how being mindful may increase the academic progress of your child:


Kids Academy Weekly Contest Is Over

We hope you spent a wonderful time with the Talented and Gifted app completing various activities and scoring up bonus stars that you can spend on Eddie’s new garments. Here are the results of the contest. They are divided into weekly winners and children who have won several nominations during the whole event. As well, you may find the results of the Week 12 Contest. Look there to see whether your young learner shines by their achievements among others:


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