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How to Revise Letters on Holiday

July 20, 2014

Holiday time is time off daily routine and homework. This is the time when most families decide to change the scene and to travel. However, as a good parent, you might have second thoughts about how to revise the stuff your children were learning through the whole year.

The best way to revise the alphabet, for example, would be to ask your kid to spell words. Here are some places you can find letters to spell while traveling:

  • Airports and railway stations: gates, signs, airplanes
  • Hotels, B&Bs
  • Cafés and restaurants
  • All kinds of entertainment facilities: amusement parks, movie theaters, zoos
  • Places you go shopping: markets, grocery stores, etc.

If you and your child are itching to start learning, try our app or reading worksheets.

Enjoy the holiday and send us more tips for ABC revision!


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