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Grammar. Parts of Speech for 2nd Grade. What Is a Noun?

Dec. 9, 2021

Your kids surely have a favorite person.  They have a place in mind they think they want to go. Definitely, they have their mostly-used thing or item every time, and they might be fond of a pet animal or might be afraid of a specific animal. Talk about these with your kids, and write down their answers. After processing with them the interesting topics you have posted, it is the time you can introduce to them the word, noun. The names of a person, place, thing and animal are called nouns; their answers are examples of nouns. Other examples are:

Person: Grace, Vincent, teacher

Thing: bag, computer, refrigerator

Place: park, school, New Jersey

Animal: parrot, tiger, sheep

People encounter nouns whenever their eyes see something. When they see a person on their way home, they need a “noun” to refer to whom they have seen. When people went to a great place and they would like to share it with their friends, they need a “noun” to pertain to where they went. When you and your kids will buy your goods and supplies, you need “nouns” to list them down on your grocery list. When your children saw a strange animal, you need a “noun” to tell them what it is after they have described it. Nouns cannot be separated from the real world, they are part of the world; and even on the literal level, the word “world” itself is a noun. Nouns are significant in establishing your kids’ grammar skills.

Nouns can appear anywhere in the sentence — somewhere in the beginning, middle, or end or they can appear in all those parts. Examples are:

Samantha wears her favorite watch.

The tourist visited the famous museum.

The dog barked so loud yesterday.

Jack bought a shirt at the nearest mall.

The words Samantha, watch, tourist, museum, dog, Jack, shirt, and mall are examples of nouns used in the previous sentences. To complement your kids’ learning, the following are three free worksheets that will aid in their mastery of identifying nouns.

The first worksheet, Sort the Nouns Worksheet, intends to assess the kids’ ability to recognize nouns, despite being surrounded by words that are not nouns. This test makes your children think whether a certain word is a person, thing, place, or animal to qualify as a noun. This is an interactive way of learning since children also reject words when they are aware that those are not nouns. Access this fun worksheet here

The second worksheet, Nouns on the Farm Worksheet, targets integrating visual skills to the learning of nouns. Aside from being able to discuss that the words the kids are tasked to find are nouns, they will be challenged to locate them. Through this, the enjoyment of learning nouns heightens. This enjoyable activity can be found here.

The third worksheet, Noun Search Worksheet, is an advanced activity as the nouns have already been used in sentences. You may guide your kids in reading the sentences and ask them afterwards, which word is a noun. If they can answer the items accurately, you have effectively taught your kids about nouns. This wrap-up activity is accessible here.

To conclude, your efforts have resulted in your kids’ learning! Your kids are now ready for the next topic, Singular and Plural Nouns. But if you want to practice noun worksheets by yourself, you can find a great abundance of them in Kids Academy learning resources.

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