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What’s New on the Blog This Week - Part 2

Sept. 3, 2021

Start School with Special Discount Kids Academy!

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As schools begin to open their halls and welcome students, a lot of parents become anxious on how academically prepared their children are. It is without a doubt that the recent and unfortunately ongoing pandemic has taken a huge toll on education quality and home-schooling for some parents and their children have been rather taxing and disastrous. At Kids Academy, we can help you and your child face these new scholastic challenges more seamlessly through our wide array of fun and engaging educational resources. We have tons of educational videos, educational online games, and a truckload of worksheets up for grabs!


Game On! Kids Academy Online Games are Here!

Games help establish a positive attitude of children towards learning. As more moms and dads rely on our Kids Academy Mobile App for educational games, our company took a milestone of launching fun and instructional games that can be accessed and enjoyed in our official website. You and your child can have a great time learning and playing straight from our website without the hassles of downloading apps or accomplishing registrations. Learning while playing has never been this easy and fun!


 Let’s Play and Learn!

For a child, nothing can indeed be more fun than learning while playing. With play-based learning, your child develops a number of critical life skills which include language, numeracy, and interpersonal competency. As more and more parents opt to home-schooling their children amid threats of Covid-19 infection, play-based learning has increasingly become the preferred approach of mothers and fathers in ensuring academic continuity of their young learners. This post will tell you more about play-based learning, how it works, and the amazing benefits young students get from it!


The Fun in Math!

A lot of children and even their parents fail to appreciate the fun in numbers. As most schoolwork shifted dramatically to homework, parents often struggled in keeping their children’s math skills in check. But no worries! We listed these enjoyable and stimulating manipulatives to help improve your child’s skills with numbers. Bring out the math genius inside your child through unit cubes, fraction tiles, and a variety of measuring devices.


Ready, Set, School!

Who isn’t excited about going back to school? For true blue students, the transition is more like ending a very long vacation. But for young learners who had no choice but to spend their preschool year at home, going to school is like entering an entirely new world full of challenges and some uncertainties on the side. Check out this informative article that will show you how to best prepare your child in starting a new and more challenging academic chapter!


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