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Would You Like to Play? Kids Academy Online Games are Available!

Aug. 24, 2021

As far as you know, Kids Academy provides free access to the collection of interactive worksheets, educational videos, and games. However, the last ones were available only within our Kids Academy mobile app. Now it's time to change! We have introduced new activities that are accessible to play on our website from beginning to end.

This is cool news both for parents and teachers - all Kids Academy games are supposed to be available to play and learn online shortly. This will allow you to launch educational games online in the browser instead of a bit time-taking downloading and installing the app on your mobile device. Isn't this wonderful? They will include activities on such essential subjects as reading, writing, English language arts, science, general math, and even chess.

Kidsacademy mobile games

Note: you’ve been able to use our interactive games with automatic checks in our mobile apps since long ago. But now this feature is available when you visit our website.



So how to launch the game? Nothing's easier! Visit our website and choose Games while clicking on the Learning Resources section in thу upper right corner. You will be redirected to interactive games immediately.  

Right now we have released games for Logic and Early Math on our website that will definitely sweep away your kindergartener for hours. It is number tracing for the first ten Arabic numerals (except zero). 

You may pass all numbers separately - from 1 to 10, or launch the entire game that comprises all these digits. It depends on the way you want your early learner to practise number tracing. But this is just the first step to the entire world of educational gaming with Kids Academy!

Kidsacademy game

So how can you play online? Just choose a game you want from the Learning games section, put the cursor on it, and tap on the game icon when the yellow "Play" curtain appears. Tap the Play game button and listen to short instructions for your preschooler.

Kidsacademy number game intro

Then, give a mouse to your kid or take it yourself to help a child to trace the chosen number according to the arrow directions on the number outline. Tracing is divided into several parts according to the elements of the number your kid needs to learn writing. If the number is traced correctly, then you are awarded by some fireflies being collected in the jar. The second part of the game is to collect more fireflies by tracing the number with no tips. This time it is more difficult since there are no grey outline limits to keep to while tracing. 

game video passing through gif

There is also a Tips icon in the upper left corner and the Home button in the upper right corner. The first one allows you to listen to instructions and the second - to return to the main screen. Regarding the navigation, there is a curtain at the bottom. If you click on it, you may start the game once again, switch off the sound or go to the full-screen mode of the game. Also, you may choose a previous or next game.


Kidsacademy number 3 game

If the task is completed correctly, you get fireflies and hear the approval. Then you are offered to restart, go to the previous or go to the next game. If the task is completed incorrectly, you hear an encouraging phrase and are offered to try again. Our creed is to allow children to make mistakes without being offcast or hearing refusal. We’ve made sure the child won’t be upset if there are mistakes in the activity. In any case, the child gets support and positive evaluation of their efforts (by voice), as they hear the encouraging "Let's Try Once Again" and no rejection.

So, keep being updated with our newsletter! We hope we will issue morу online interactive games in the future to make you happy for having trust in Kids Academy! 

 Kidsacademy number 10 game

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