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Making Back-to-School Easier Together with Kids Academy

Aug. 14, 2022

It's time to be ready for a new school year since the studies have already begun! Schools have been opening their doors for young and elder learners as autumn approaches. Probably your kid is looking forward to starting learning in the campus with joy and delight, or maybe he or she experiences troubles while waiting for their first lessons face-to-face with the teacher after the long-running pandemic pause. You may assist your kid in making their first steps beyond the school's doorstep with the help of the Talented and Gifted discount we have prepared for you.

Assist Your Kid When the School Year Begins!

Benefit from the special Kids Academy offer! Subscribe to the  Talented & Gifted individualized learning program for the entire school year just for USD 48.99!

(Save $49!)

Exclusive conditions for the readers of our blog: get the whole year for $48.99 only. Pick out your discount now!


In order to make a transition to the new school year smoother and more seamless, we also provide free access to the huge library of learning resources. It will definitely strike you with the variety of activities you may pass through together with your child.  You may find a bulk of worksheets you may download onto your tablet or computer as pdf-files, then printing them out and giving to your child, or you may use an interactive mode we’ve recently implemented to the site if you want your child to practice tasks on the screen of the device.

check worksheet 2

If you are a big fan of play-based learning, even if it is an online type of learning, then we can offer you to take advantage of our educational online games available on our website. Your small learner will definitely like our number tracing activities where he or she needs to collect the buzzy bugs into the jar while tracing the lines to gather the whole number.

navigatpanel demo gif

If your kid is a picture person from their early childhood, then be ready to be locked in our fun and educational videos for different topics! You may show them interactive videos with real-life teachers explaining different concepts in Math or Social Studies in simple words, or you may prefer showing them animated cartoon-like videos with Bally and friends:

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