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    Hickory Dickory Dock | Song

    See the collection of nursery songs with Hickory Dickory Dock, Itsy Bitsy Spider, 5 Little Monkeys and Bingo Song by Kids Academy! Kids and adults are never tired or bored by these long lasting nursery rhyme songs which serve to benefit your kids’ educational all-rounded development as well as bring entertainment and fun into the classroom. Get the most from learning with our new nursery rhyme playlist for children and start getting joy and pleasure right now! Begin or finish your lesson with Hickory Dickory Dock and your toddlers will be definitely in the mood to study and learn more. Not only the rhyme is loved by kids thanks to the catchy tune and funny plot but it also gives additional practice on telling the times and revising the names of animals. Itsy Bitsy Spider is one of the most popular nursery rhyme songs with lyrics and action that preschoolers love to sing and do over and over again. It’s a lovely action and finger play nursery rhyme about a funny little spider and his adventures up and down the waterspout. Kids adore mimicking the actions of the little spider, pouring rain and sunshine. In search of activities combining maths and reading skills do not overlook the nursery rhyme about 5 Little Monkeys. Start with counting from 1 to 5 and then sing the song mimicking the actions and counting down. Be prepared to repeat it several times, but that’s exactly how toddlers take it in and learn. Bingo Song is an old traditional nursery rhyme which will be ideal for various purposes: teaching and revising The ABC, introducing spelling, getting more practice on rhythm and intonation, and basic body actions (clapping, jumping, tapping, patting your legs, tummy or head, etc.).

    More or Less Size Worksheet

    More or Less Size Worksheet
    Important to developing number sense, kids must learn to both count and learn to recognize groups of numbers in a set. Here’s a “More or Less” PDF printable worksheet that will help your child to do both.  By completing this worksheet, your child will:  • Practice counting larger groups of objects;  • Learn to visually recognize a smaller group of objects;  • Practice problem solving skills to choose the correct answer. Developing early number sense is crucial for kids to lay a healthy foundation for future math learning. Budding mathematicians need practice to both visually recognize a group of numbers quickly, as well as the skills to count out a group of numbers for accuracy and precision. Your child will love the vivid pictures, while having fun practicing their number sense!
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    Comparing Groups by Quantity and Size

    Comparing Groups by Quantity and Size
    This quiz assesses students’ ability to compare quantities of objects and indicate least and most.
    Comparing Objects: Which has More/Which has Less?
    This quiz assesses students’ ability to compare and identify measurable attributes of an object, such as more and less.
    Identify 2 Different Measurable Attributes
    This quiz assesses students’ ability to identify two different attributes of an object.
    Identifying and Describing Length
    This quiz assesses students’ ability to compare and identifying different measurements of length.
    Identifying and Describing Weight
    This quiz assesses students’ ability to compare and identifying different measurements of weight.