Numbers 11-20 Essential Activities for Kindergarten


Count and Match

The first lesson of Mathematics is counting. Every kid gets an introduction of mathematics with counting. This lets the kids be more creative and sharp thinkers as these mathematical activities get to advance with time. Toddlers and kids usually find mathematics as a bit difficult task. Good understanding and learning are very essential for the kids to have a proper grip on mathematics from the start. Frequently worksheets and books are used to make kids learn to count. Counting can be taught in different and easy ways. Kids are fond of playing than learning. That is why they can easily be taught while they play. Matching games are also another efficient way of making toddlers and kids learn counting and shapes. They can match different shapes and figures to sharpen their mind and gain basic knowledge. Following are some ideas to make children learn to count: Teddy Numbers • Teddy Numbers is a straightforward and exciting counting game for kids to learn in their preschool. Kids can learn to count up to 15 objects and have fun. They only have to do pick and drop an object. • This game helps the children to not only learn to count but also recognize every number they count or pick and drop. • The game has different levels for kids ranging from 2 to 5 years old. Number and picture matching This simple game is very efficient for learning counting and matching skills. • Print a few pictures of different objects and every object should have two pictures for matching. • Similarly, print a few numbers on a page and every number should have two printouts. • This game will automatically let the children to learn about counting, different shapes of objects and to recognize them so they can be matched.

Counting from 1-20

Counting from 1-20
This quiz assesses students’ ability to count and order numbers from 1-20.
Counting Groups of 0-20
This quiz assesses students’ ability to count up to 20 items that are arranged in different groupings.