Community Essential Activities for Kindergarten


Down by the Bay | Song

Among the vast variety of rhymes, the Down “By the Bay” is undoubtedly the best kids’ song. Considering the lyrics, visuals, and tone, it is an appropriate option for your little angels. Play the song once for your child, and he would love to hear it again and again. Its tune is so compelling that your kids can listen to it on repeat for many times. The use of multiple colors, exciting animations, and a simple story developed to make the song interesting for the children. The song brilliantly serves the purpose of entertainment. It is made to be very appealing to little children. The combination of sound, visuals, aesthetic colors and enticing tone makes the song perfect for amusing the kids. In short, the song is an accessible source of entertaining the babies.
London Bridge is one of the songs we remember from our childhood. There’s something about the tune and the lyrics that makes it so catchy. This song has a large number of versions. We have created our own story and characters to make it even more engaging. Have you ever thought of the importance of learning through nursery rhyme songs? We believe that nursery rhymes are beneficial for language development. Listening to them, kids can easily learn new words and phrases. Apart from early literacy skills development, songs encourage kids’ love for music and singing. Playing nursery rhyme songs is also a fun way to support children’s communication with each other as well as with adults.
Let’s learn about the difference between towns and cities. It is a very basic concept that needs to be given to kids and the kids must understand the concept very clearly otherwise they will just remain confused for a very long time in their life about the difference between town and city. So, to avoid this let’s make a simple tutorial to help you make this learning easier for the kid. Town A town is a place where people live. It is smaller than a city. There are not a lot of people in town and the buildings are relatively less and smaller. It is not as busy as a city and there is lesser traffic in a town. In a town, you will find small houses surrounded by grassy fields or farms giving a very peaceful look. Things that you might see around a town include farms, cottages, less traffic on narrow roads. Towns are located outside the city area where there is a lesser population and the houses are made beautifully with greenery around them. City A city is bigger and a busier area. People live in small apartments buildings and very few people live in houses. It has very high traffic and you will hardly see any farms around. The population of a city is higher than a town. Many people travel from nearby towns to cities for work. Cities remain busy all day and all night, for example, New York is called as the city that never sleeps as it is always busy either it is day or night. You might not find a city as peaceful as a town. So, which would you prefer living in and why?

Develop a Sense of Community

Develop a Sense of Community
In this quiz, students will review the concept of community, as well as common people, places, and buildings.
Homes: Identify common people and places
In this quiz, students will review the characteristics of a home.
Identify, Compare and Contrast Common Places
In this quiz, students  will review the characteristics of towns and cities.
Neighborhoods: Identify Common People and Places
In this quiz, students will review the concept of neighbors as people who live nearby in a community.