Letters: A, B, C, D Essential Activities for Preschool


Letters A-D

Learn alphabet letters easily with this fun and instructional video from Kid’s Academy. The alphabet is the foundation for learning to read. Young learners at preschool and kindergarten learn to identify letters and the letter sounds. With this knowledge students understand that letters together with their sounds form words and students are on their way to learning to read. Mastering the English alphabet for kids is a huge task. Identifying all 26 letters and their sounds is simple with fun visuals!

Beginning Sound D Worksheet

Beginning Sound D Worksheet
Reinforce phonics skills and develop your child’s early reading skills with this vibrant beginning sound d worksheet! Simple, adorable pictures encourage kids to carefully sound out each word to determine which words begin with the letter d, increasing early literacy skills along the way!
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Letter C Coloring Sheet
Words like “cat” and “car” are some of kids’ first sight words. While your child might not be ready to read just yet, simply exposing kids to letters, words, and sounds, helps kids soak up knowledge long before they begin reading. Use this letter c coloring page to introduce the letter "C"!
The Wheels on the Bus Coloring Page
This adorable page will have your child singing a favorite childhood song all day long while they work on this printable coloring page: The Wheels on the Bus! While coloring, your child will have a blast singing the song all the way through. Feel free to sing along as they color this joyful page!

Letter A

Letter A
This quiz assesses students’ ability to recognize uppercase and lowercase Aa.
Letters A-D
This quiz assesses students’ ability to identify letters Aa-Dd.