Letters: U, V, W X Essential Activities for Preschool


Letters U-X

Learn alphabet letters easily with this fun and instructional video from Kid’s Academy. The alphabet is the foundation for learning to read. Young learners at preschool and kindergarten learn to identify letters and the letter sounds. With this knowledge students understand that letters together with their sounds form words and students are on their way to learning to read. Mastering the English alphabet for kids is a huge task. Identifying all 26 letters and their sounds is simple with fun visuals!
Today we are here to talk about the alphabet V and how you can help your kid learn it. V is a simple and easy to learn the alphabet but here we are talking about kids who are totally new to it. In short, you’ll require some patience to deal with it and you’ll have to be smooth if you really want him to learn. As said earlier, textbooks are never enough when you have to teach a child a particular alphabet. For example, to learn the alphabet V, you can use different online platforms like Youtube, etc. It’s the digital era we are living in and we should use online lessons to teach our children the things that they find hard. These videos have audios and visuals in them that can help you and your child with the letter V.
Has your child reached that age and stage in his academics where he has to learn the letter “x”? If yes then there are some things you can do to teach him the concept of this letter, its sound and its use properly and in a more effective way. Learning alphabets is easy for us adults and we can easily pick new things because our brains have developed and we’ve got a lot of learning experience too but that’s not the case with children so you have to be a little patient with them.

Letter W Coloring Sheet

Letter W Coloring Sheet
Your child will have a whale of a time with this letter "W" coloring page! Focusing on one coolest letters in the alphabet, your child will utilize his or her creativity while coloring the whale and watch on the page. Be sure to help your child recognize the letter and the sound it makes!
Letter X Sounds Worksheet
The letter X is an interesting one, since it sounds a lot like a word with a -cks ending! Help your early learner master the «x» sound in words using this colorfully illustrated phonics worksheet! Watch as your child names pictures like “box” or “watch”. While working, ensure that kids listen closely for the pronunciation of each. Circle only the pictures that contain the «x» sound and double check by looking for the letter in the word below each image!
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