Letters: Y, Z Essential Activities for Preschool


Letter Z

The letter Z is a very fun letter to learn about. The letter’s sound is fun to learn because it is easier to distinguish between other letter sounds This video presents the letter Z and teaches the sound of Z. At the beginning of the video, the letter Z appears on the screen. Then the video voiceover enunciates the letter Z sound three times and then asks the viewer to say the sound of letter z. The viewer is then shown the words zipper, zebra and zoo. These are word examples that young children are familiar with and now associate with the letter Z. The Z sound is pronounced when the word appears. The video length is excellent in that it is long enough to teach the letter Z and it’s sound, while not being too long so that a young child loses interest. The video’s animation of the zipper, zebra, and zoo appeals to young learners and is visually inviting.
Learn alphabet letters easily with this fun and instructional video from Kid’s Academy. The alphabet is the foundation for learning to read. Young learners at preschool and kindergarten learn to identify letters and the letter sounds. With this knowledge students understand that letters together with their sounds form words and students are on their way to learning to read. Mastering the English alphabet for kids is a huge task. Identifying all 26 letters and their sounds is simple with fun visuals!

Consonant Sounds: V, W, Y, Z

Consonant Sounds:  V, W, Y, Z
In this assessment, students will use their knowledge of sound relationships to identify the initial consonant sounds v, w, y, and z.