Basic Shapes Essential Activities for Preschool


Matching Shapes with Kenny

Let’s help a monkey to find the perfect shaped key for him to unlock all the treasure chests placed in front of him. This video will help your kids to learn basic shapes. Here we have a little monkey who discovered four chests with so much treasure in it. But for opening the chests, the monkey is looking for the right key that fits into the keyholes. Let’s help him out!
Help Kenny find pirate treasure. Let your kids learn basic shapes in a funny way. Get involved in kids education with

Color the Shapes Worksheet

Color the Shapes Worksheet
Early math lessons should include basic geometry. Mastering shape identification has never been so much fun than with this shapes review worksheet. Assist your student with naming the shapes seen in the picture. Then color the picture! Extend the learning and ask how many squares do you see? How many triangles?  Learn to identify a square, circle, triangle and rectangle with this engaging coloring page.

Identify Different Shapes

Identify Different Shapes
This quiz assesses students’ ability to identify the correct formation of different shapes and match shapes to their identical outlines.
Identify the Shape of Different Objects
This quiz assesses students’ ability to identify shapes as being the same, even though they are different sizes.
Sort and Identify Shapes by their Sides
This quiz assesses students’ ability to identify the number of sides of different shapes, and identify shapes that are the same.