Animal Facts Essential Activities for Preschool


Animal Body Parts | Song

Meet this fun-packed video geared towards teaching your preschooler to recognize and learn animal body parts. Let your kids embark on a funny adventure with the ant postman delivering an urgent letter. Can you guess whom is this parcel addressed to?

In the Treetops Coloring Page

In the Treetops Coloring Page
Your child will fly high into the sky to color adorable birds sitting on limbs in this adorable printable coloring page: In the Treetops! Encourage your child to express his or her creativity to select a variety of colors to make this scene come to life with cute and vibrant birds your child will love!
Where Animals Live Worksheet
Sometimes when it comes to early learning, we get so caught up teaching our kids their ABC’s and 123’s that we forget about some often overlooked important skills. While teaching early reading and math skills are extremely important, kids also need to build important science skills which will help them to use their emerging logical and analytical skills.  This Where Animals Live PDF worksheet will fascinate your children with their favorite animals, and the environments in which they live.   Use this worksheet to:  Talk about animals and their environment. Have your child identify each animal and ask them what environment each might live in. Which animals like water? Which like the heat? Increase your child’s knowledge of the world with this worksheet. • Have a conversation about where and why the animals live where they do. Be sure to explain where they might find these animals in the world. Some animals live in the south, or in different countries. It’s never too soon to talk about climate or introduce simple geography! In addition to increasing their knowledge, your child will practice:  • Logical reasoning skills; • Classification skills. Kids love animals, and want to learn more about them. What better way to practice important matching skills than to jumpstart a conversation about animals and their environments? Your child will love this adorable Where Animals Live PDF worksheet; don’t be surprised if your child starts asking for another trip to the zoo!
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