Math Lesson - 2 Step Addition Word Problems Using Drawings, Grade 2

  • Activity 1 / Valentines Day Word Problem Worksheet


    Number lines are important visual tools that help kids understand numbers better, while providing a useful strategy to solve tricky word problems. This Valentine’s Day word problems worksheet gives your child valuable practice using a number line to solve a complicated three number addition problem!
    This worksheet will help your child:
    • Solve an addition word problem using a number line as a technique
    • Build confidence in solving word problems
    This fun and festive worksheet will make solving word problems a breeze, offering your child practice with an important strategy to solve them: a number line!

  • Activity 2 / Counting Seedlings Worksheet


    When it comes to math word problems, understanding what is being asked is a key. When there are multiple steps, it’s even more important that your child knows what to do. This free PDF worksheet will give them one-to-one picture representation to help them solve addition word problems that involve more than one step. They'll be able to strengthen their addition skills as they choose the correct picture that matches their answer.

  • Activity 3 / Vegetable Gardens Worksheet


    Your kids are going to love helping their friend Vivian as she solves these addition word problems. Together, they'll use one-to-one number representation to count the various beets, carrots and radishes and they'll solve the multi-step word problems with ease. Then they'll check off the picture that matches their answer, and gain stronger understanding of adding several numbers for one final answer.