Social Studies Lesson - 3 Branches of Government, Grade 3

  • Activity 1 / The 3 Branches of Government

  • Activity 2 / Branches of the Government: Legislative Branch Worksheet


    The judicial branch enforces the laws, but the legislative branch makes them!
    This US legislative branch worksheet will help your child understand this important branch of the American government, by reviewing the leaders of the legislative branch, as well as where Congress meets!

  • Activity 3 / Branches of the Government: Executive Branch Printable


    With three very different branches of the US government, it’s tricky to remember which branch does what!
    Help your child understand difference using this US executive branch worksheet, designed to bring your child a new awareness and knowledge of the way our government operates!

  • Activity 4 / Braches of the Government: Judicial Branch Worksheet


    One of the three branches of the US government, the judicial branch enforces the laws of the land!
    Help your child navigate the three branches and understand the importance of the judicial branch using this quick and useful American government judicial branch worksheet!