Logic and Early Math Lesson - Act Out and Subtract, Preschool

  • Activity 1 / Leaf Subtraction Stories Worksheet


    To get your kids to be experts at subtraction and addition, you must help them as much as you can with fun exercise and simple math problems. This worksheet uses leaf subtraction problems to help your kids practice their math skills, and also to help you test your child. There are three simple equations in the picture. Look at the problems with your kids, and help them solve the problems, and then check the answer.

  • Activity 2 / Birthday Party Subtraction Worksheet


    Who doesn’t love birthday parties, right? If your kids especially love all of the fun activities that happen in a birthday party and the delicious treats, then they would be excited about this math problem. In this worksheet, there is a fun party going on. The aim of the exercise is to help your kids learn more maths with the help of an activity they love. Ask your kids to look at the pictures, solve the problems, and then check the box that matches.