Math Lesson - Add or Subtract?, Grade 2

  • Activity 1 / Addition or Subtraction?

  • Activity 2 / Add and Subtract Worksheet

    As kids learn the basics of math, it’s important to expose them to equations early on. Train your child’s mind for more complex math with this add and subtract up to 20 worksheet, designed to work your child’s logical reasoning skills!
    This worksheet is designed to:  
    • Introduce your child to the mathematical logic used in equations 
    • Use simple math and subtraction kids are familiar with to teach a more advanced concept
    Success in math is essential to your child’s success in school and the future. By introducing advanced concepts like equations in a simple way, your child can get ahead of the curve, paving the way for future math success!

  • Activity 3 / Stellar Math Substraction Worksheet

    Here’s a 2-digit subtraction worksheet PDF that offers your little learner more than just subtraction: addition, too! While most math worksheets offer only one or the other, this worksheet helps your child practice both, using important logical reasoning skills to complete the equations! 
    This worksheet will help your child: 
    • Use number sense and mental math to analyze each equation; 
    • Utilize logical reasoning strategies to complete the equations. 
    Since your child will need to look at the numbers in the equation and the answer that is provided, your child will use higher level thinking skills and mental math to determine which sign (plus or minus) is needed to complete the equation. This will not only improve their addition and subtraction skills, but their cognitive skills as well!
    Check out our rich collection of math worksheets to excite your budding whiz with enriching math experience!

  • Activity 4 / Addition or Subtraction? Worksheet

    Watch your little math whiz's number reasoning and number sense soar with these brightly colored flag equations! The free downloadable PDF will have them find the appropriate orders of operation to correctly decide whether they're looking at addition or subtraction facts, and you'll get to watch their mathematical strategies come to life as they do so. It's a great opportunity for a deeper understanding of how parts of an equation work together with different operations.

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