Math Lesson - Classifying Objects and Count the Number of Objects in Each Category CCSS.Math.Content, Kindergarten

  • Activity 1 / Sorting and Counting Objects

  • Activity 2 / Classifying Toys by Type and Color Sorting Worksheet


    Your child will love our adorable free math worksheets for kids that help to practice counting, categorization, and recognition skills.
    Your child will enjoy counting all of the different toys by color and type. Join in the fun and help read the directions to your child to promote literacy skills, and following directions. 
    Sometimes the best way to build math skills is through working on basic skills. Kids Academy prides itself in giving you the best resources, including fun and free math worksheets for kids, to help ready your child for academic success. 
    Through this worksheet, your child will: 
    Practice recognizing and counting all toys of the same type. Your child will use complex problem-solving processes to recognize and count all toys that are alike in type. For instance, your child practice counting toys regardless of color. 
    • Practice counting all toys of the same color. Your preschooler will then switch thinking processes to count all toys of the same color, regardless of type.  
    Practice recognizing numbers to mark answer choices. Finally, your child will practice literacy and numeracy skills when the practice circling their answers. In order to mark their answers, they will need to take the number they counted in their heads, and recognize it on the paper. While this sounds simple, for the youngest of learners, converting their ideas from their head to paper is a complex and important task to practice.
    Try out this sorting worksheet to help your kids grasp the notion of living and non-living objects.

    Download Worksheet Complete online
  • Activity 3 / Sort and Count Candy Worksheet


    Yum, yum the candy's all here and who doesn't love sorting chocolate and candy? Your children will be all in as they use familiar items and pictures to sort the pictures into chocolate or candy groups. They'll also use one-to-one representation to count the candies and practice fine motor skills with the traceable lines on this free worksheet.

    Download Worksheet Complete online
  • Activity 4 / Sort and Count Fruits Worksheet


    Your children will strengthen their critical thinking and number reasoning skills with this free worksheet. They'll sort the fruits into the groups they belong, count how many in each group and even practice their fine motor skills with the traceable lines connecting the fruits to the right categories. It's delicious learning they'll want to take a bite of using familiar pictures and basic number sense.

    Download Worksheet Complete online

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