Math Lesson - Connect Counting to Cardinality 6-10, Kindergarten

  • Activity 1 / Counting Worksheet: Preschool Math


    How would you like a worksheet that does it all? If your child is ahead of the game and needs something that goes above and beyond the usual counting worksheet, this is the perfect practice for your advanced learner!
    This printable counting worksheet for preschool does more than reinforce early counting skills: it incorporates reading, too! Practice early reading and parts of speech with your child as they practice counting in this vibrant worksheet tailor-made for your inquisitive learner. 
    Completing this worksheet will help your child: 
    • Practice counting skills. Your child will find and count different pictures, such as small Vikings and big Vikings. 
    • Recognize numbers. To mark their answer, your little learner will need to recognize each number in print, reinforcing number literacy skills. 
    • Practice early reading skills. Each problem includes precise directions written using simple language, perfect for pre-readers. Help your child to read each type of picture they must find and count to mark their answers. 
    • Learn and recognize adjectives. This worksheet stands out because it can lead to an important conversation about parts of speech. Your child will look for both big and small images to find their answers. This can lead to awareness of the parts of speech, particularly describing words like adjectives. 
    Jam-packed with skills across the curriculum, this worksheet will reinforce vital counting skills, while building a foundation for emerging reading skills.

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  • Activity 2 / Count and Match 6 – 10 Math Worksheet


    Get your pens and pencils ready, it’s time for some math practice! The fun printable worksheet challenges kids to count the objects and draw a line to the correct numbers. The worksheet focuses on problem solving with pictures. This approach helps kids visualize the task and tackle the math problem in a simple and fun way.
    Print out this bright math worksheet and your kindergartener will practice recognizing numbers up to 10.
    Download more free printable worksheets on Kids Academy.

    Download Worksheet Complete online
  • Activity 3 / Count and Match Points 9 Math Worksheet


    Circle the boxes that contain 9 points. This worksheet contains 6 different boxes, which have colorful points drawn within them. The task is to examine and count the points drawn into the boxes and take note of the boxes that contain 9 points in total. The points are not arranged in a similar way, so your child might need to think extra hard and count carefully to know which boxes are similar.

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  • Activity 4 / Kindergarten Number Tracing: Mary's Bag Worksheet


    Your child will hone multiple skills while working on this kindergarten number tracing worksheet. Help Mary organize her bag by counting its contents. Then mark the answer by tracing over the correct number for each item. Along the way, your child will practice both counting and writing skills!

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