English Language Arts Lesson - Consonant Blends with l, Grade 1

  • Activity 1 / Consonant Blends: L Blends

  • Activity 2 / Blending Consonants: "Fl", "Bl" and "Gl" Printable

    Here’s a worksheet to help your little linguist recognize multiple consonant blends involving the letter “L”! This consonant blend Fl, Bl, and Gl printable worksheet will help your child master these blends in no time as they find words like the picture presented!
    Completing this worksheet can help your child: 
    • Sound out words to identify the correct answers
    • Better understand the difference between consonant blends using a common letter
    The vibrant images on this worksheet not only motivates kids, but helps aid in their learning. Download this printable worksheet to help your child excel in their phonics studies!

  • Activity 3 / Beginning Blends: "Bl" Words Worksheet

    When kids learn consonant blends, it not only helps their speech, but their reading and spelling skills, too! Advance your child’s phonics skills with this fun and focused consonant blend Bl printable worksheet! 
    Here’s what makes this worksheet great: 
    • Your child will practice spelling and reading skills as they trace the letters
    • Sounding out each word will help your child understand the consonant blend 
    This worksheet focuses on the consonant blend “Bl”, but feel free to extend your child’s learning by finding other consonant blends on the page. After completion, your child will be one step closer to phonics mastery!

  • Activity 4 / If You're Happy and You Know It | Song

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