Counting to 10 - Lesson for Preschool, Chapter - 0 & 10

In the "Counting to 10" lesson, tailored specifically for preschool students, young learners will embark on an engaging journey into the foundational world of numbers and counting. This lesson, situated within the crucial Counting to 10 unit, is designed to introduce children to the basic numerical sequence from 0 to 10. Through the enchanting "Magic Numbers Worksheet" activity, students will not only learn to recognize and name the numbers in order but also practice counting objects and understanding the concept of quantity associated with each numeral.

Understanding and mastering this fundamental numerical sequence is pivotal for preschoolers for several reasons. First, it lays the groundwork for all future mathematical learning, from addition and subtraction to more complex operations. Recognizing numbers and understanding their order fosters a child's cognitive development and enhances their problem-solving skills. Additionally, counting is a vital life skill, integral in everyday tasks such as telling time, measuring, and simply navigating day-to-day activities that involve numbers. By cultivating these skills early on, the lesson ensures students have a strong mathematical foundation, setting them up for academic and practical success in their future schooling and beyond.

Estimated classroom time: 3 min
Chapter: 0 & 10
Unit: Counting to 10
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3:00 min
Magic Numbers Worksheet
Magic Numbers Worksheet
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  • Activity 1 / Magic Numbers Worksheet

    How excited do your kids get about magic and wizards? If they have a big interest in all things magic, they might be excited about this worksheet. In the coloring sheet, your little ones will meet the wizard who they need to help. Ask your kids to name the numbers that are in the picture in the right order from smallest to highest. Then, help them pick out colors of their choice and color in the wizard and the numbers.