Math Lesson - Cut Rectangles into Equal Parts, Grade 3

  • Activity 1 / Equal Parts: Shapes Worksheet


    This equal parts worksheet is simple enough; your child must circle the shapes that are cut into equal parts. Shapes in this exercise include rectangle, kite, circle, square, and triangle. If your child understands how to split shapes into two even parts, this task should be very easy for them. Test how well your child understands cutting shapes into two or more equal parts with this colorful printout.

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  • Activity 2 / Shape Quest Worksheet


    Shapes have different features that make each of them unique and easily identifiable. And, before your child can fully master shapes, they must learn some of these features. However, identical shapes can be made up of equal shares that look different. In this colorful worksheet, your children’s task is simple; look through each row and find and circle two shapes that are made up of equal shares.

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  • Activity 3 / Equal Parts Practice Worksheet


    This equal parts practice worksheet requires that your child has some knowledge on halves and equal pieces beforehand. Then, help your little ones look through the printout and check all the rectangles that are made from equal blocks. At the end of the exercise, your children should be able to properly differentiate between equal parts and mismatched parts.

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