Describe how Reasons Support Specific Points the Author makes in a Text - Lesson for Grade 2, Chapter - Informational Texts

In this lesson titled "Describe how Reasons Support Specific Points the Author makes in a Text," second-grade students will delve into the world of informational texts, focusing on the comprehension unit. Students will learn the crucial skill of identifying and understanding the reasons authors use to support specific points in their texts. Through engaging activities, including a "Point of View Printable," students will explore different perspectives and the underlying reasons within various informational texts.

This lesson is important because it lays the foundation for critical reading skills. By learning how to discern the reasons behind an author's points, students enhance their comprehension abilities, enabling them to not only understand the surface-level content but also appreciate the deeper meaning and purpose behind the text. This skill is essential for academic success across all subjects, as it improves overall reading comprehension, critical thinking, and analytical skills. Furthermore, understanding how reasons support specific points in texts empowers students to become more thoughtful readers and informed learners, skills that are invaluable throughout their educational journey and beyond.

Estimated classroom time: 3 min
Chapter: Informational Texts
Unit: Comprehension
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3:00 min
Point of View Printable
Point of View Printable
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  • Activity 1 / Point of View Printable

    When a writer uses characters in their book, sometimes they use different points of views to tell the story to the readers. If your kids don’t know what points of views are, you can use this opportunity to teach them what they are. Sometimes in a story, the character is telling the story to the reader. This point of view is called first person. Third person point of view comes from the narrator. Read the excerpt in this worksheet with your kids and ask them to check which point of view it shows.