Draw and Count up to 5 - Lesson for Preschool, Chapter - Drawing and Counting

In the "Draw and Count up to 5" lesson, preschool students will embark on an engaging journey into the fundamentals of drawing and counting through a captivating activity - the Treetops Coloring Page. This lesson is a vital part of the Coloring unit, nestled within the Drawing and Counting chapter, designed specifically to cater to young learners' developmental needs.

Through this lesson, students will learn to recognize and count numbers up to 5 in a fun and interactive way. They will also enhance their fine motor skills as they engage in coloring, an essential pre-writing activity that supports hand-eye coordination and prepares them for writing tasks in the future. By carefully drawing and coloring within the outlines of the treetops and counting the elements they encounter, students will not only practice number recognition but also begin to understand the concept of quantities and their associations with written numbers.

This foundational skill is crucial as it lays the groundwork for future mathematical learning and problem-solving. It also encourages creativity and self-expression, important aspects of cognitive and emotional development.

Estimated classroom time: 3 min
Chapter: Drawing and Counting
Unit: Coloring
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3:00 min
In the Treetops Coloring Page
In the Treetops Coloring Page
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  • Activity 1 / In the Treetops Coloring Page

    Your child will fly high into the sky to color adorable birds sitting on limbs in this adorable printable coloring page: In the Treetops!
    Encourage your child to express his or her creativity to select a variety of colors to make this scene come to life with cute and vibrant birds your child will love!