Arts Lesson - Easter, Preschool

  • Activity 1 / Easter: a Bunny and a Lamb Worksheet


    Bunnies, Easter chicks, and lambs represent fertility, new life, and rebirth, which are all important symbols important in the springtime. All of these cute cuddly animals are also Easter symbols, bringing special meaning to the religious holiday.
    This adorable lamb coloring page will inspire your little ones to learn more about Easter, spring, and the meaning behind these cuddly little animals! Utilize this page to teach your child more about springtime traditions and your religious beliefs.
    Turn it into a learning experience by explaining how the Easter bunny came to be, for an important lesson in world culture. This Easter bunny coloring page will excite your child for Easter morning, while also serving as a teaching tool to learn about religion, culture, and seasons!

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  • Activity 2 / Easter: a Hen and a Chick Printable


    Easter and spring represent a time of revival and rejuvenation. Wake up your child’s senses and excite them for the upcoming holiday with this charming Easter hen coloring page!
    Before you color the eggs and serve the ham, take advantage of this opportunity to talk with your child about what colors represent spring and Easter. Encourage him or her to breathe life into the delightful butterflies, bees, flowers and egg.
    Not only is this coloring activity a great way to get excited for the holiday, but turn it into a learning opportunity to discuss seasons as well as the holiday itself. This cute chick coloring page will inspire your little one to learn more about the symbols of Easter while they prepare for this joyous holiday!

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  • Activity 3 / Easter: Chick in the Basket Worksheet


    For kids, one of the best parts of Easter morning is waking up to an Easter basket packed full with goodies! Kids wait in anticipation for the Easter bunny to come to leave them a surprise in the basket each year.
    Surprise your little one before the big day with this coloring page, featuring a charming chick and beautiful springtime tulips. This Easter chick coloring page is the perfect way to get your little learner excited for the holiday and keep them busy while waiting for the Easter bunny!
    Use the page as a teachable moment to talk about the symbolism of chicks and baskets, and the meaning behind this meaningful holiday. Your child will be delighted to learn something new about a holiday they love, while creating a vibrant image that can be used to decorate whatever they’d like!

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  • Activity 4 / Easter: Easter Eggs Worksheet


    Coloring Easter eggs are a tradition found across the globe. Every year, kids love to color eggs, and go on hunts to gather as many goody-filled eggs as they can!
    Popular amongst springtime celebrations and the Christian holiday alike, Easter eggs are a tradition kids look forward to each year! Get your child excited for coloring eggs this year with this Easter egg printable coloring page. Encourage your child to think of the colors they would like to use to decorate the eggs with to complete the design on the page. 
    Let them use as many colors as they want! Kids love making their own decorations and designs to prepare for the big day. After coloring, the page can be used as inspiration for how they would like to decorate their real eggs once your family gets started with this time-honored tradition!

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