Math Lesson - Enrichment, Addition and Subtraction - less than 20, Grade 1

In the "Enrichment" lesson tailored for Grade 1 students, children will embark on an engaging journey into the world of Addition and Subtraction with numbers less than 20, under the unit titled Foundations in Operations Within 100. This lesson is designed to build a solid foundation in basic arithmetic operations that are crucial for their mathematical development.

One of the key activities, the "Properties of Addition Maze," will provide students with a fun yet challenging opportunity to explore and understand the fundamental properties of addition, such as commutativity (the idea that numbers can be added in any order and the result will be the same) and associativity (how numbers grouped together in addition do not affect the sum). Through this interactive maze, students will learn to navigate various addition problems, reinforcing their understanding in a playful manner.

The "Voting Worksheet" complements this by engaging students in a real-world application of addition and subtraction. They will tally votes, teaching them not only about the importance of numbers in decision-making processes but also encouraging critical thinking and the practical use of mathematics in everyday scenarios.

Estimated classroom time: 3 min
Chapter: Addition and Subtraction - less than 20
Unit: Foundations in Operations Within 100
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3:00 min
Properties of Addition Maze: Voting Worksheet
Properties of Addition Maze: Voting Worksheet
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  • Activity 1 / Properties of Addition Maze: Voting Worksheet

    Every good citizen has the right and obligation to vote. Voting helps put the right candidates in office, and also allows citizens to exercise their legal rights. The good citizen in the picture wants to vote, but he has one small problem. The citizen in this downloadable worksheet needs your child’s help to make his way to the polls in order to vote. Ask your child to draw a line through all of the equations that have correct sums.