Math Lesson - Enrichment, Addition and Subtraction, Kindergarten

In the "Enrichment" lesson, designed specifically for Kindergarten students, the primary focus is on bolstering their mathematical foundation through additional practice with numbers up to 20. The lesson is embedded within the broader chapter on Addition and Subtraction, aiming to instill confidence and improve proficiency in these fundamental arithmetic operations.

Through engaging activities like the "Add it Up Worksheet," students will embark on a journey of discovering the joys and challenges of adding numbers. This exercise not only enhances their numerical skills but also encourages the development of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities as they navigate through various addition problems.

Understanding and mastering addition and subtraction within the 20-number range is crucial at this stage of a child's educational journey. It lays the groundwork for more complex mathematical concepts and operations they will encounter in the future. This foundational knowledge is essential for their overall academic success, fostering a positive attitude towards learning and an enduring curiosity about the world of numbers. By participating in this lesson, students will gain a solid grasp of basic addition and subtraction, setting them on a path toward achieving excellence in mathematics and beyond.

Estimated classroom time: 3 min
Chapter: Addition and Subtraction
Unit: Additional Practice with Numbers up to 20
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3:00 min
Add it Up Worksheet
Add it Up Worksheet
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  • Activity 1 / Add it Up Worksheet

    When there is a fire in the community, the right emergency number to call is that of the fire service. Test your children’s safety knowledge first by asking them if they know any other emergency numbers to call. Now, look at this worksheet. Can your kids identify the fire truck in the picture? Ask them to help the truck get to the right building by solving the simple number sentences. Help them draw a line to the correct answer.