Math Lesson - Enrichment, Addition and Subtraction Story Problems, Kindergarten

In the "Enrichment" lesson designed for Kindergarten students, young learners will delve into the world of Addition and Subtraction Story Problems within the framework of Additional Practice with Numbers up to 20. This lesson is crucial for establishing a solid foundation in early mathematics, focusing on developing their problem-solving skills and enhancing their understanding of basic arithmetic operations within a relatable context.

Through engaging activities such as the Match the Word Problems Worksheet, students will learn to interpret simple story problems and identify the corresponding addition or subtraction equations. This process is essential because it bridges the gap between abstract numbers and real-world scenarios, making math more tangible and understandable for young minds.

Why is this important? Mastering the ability to solve addition and subtraction story problems equips students with practical skills that are applicable beyond the classroom. It fosters logical thinking, improves attention to detail, and enhances their ability to process information critically. Furthermore, early exposure to such problem-solving activities stimulates a love for learning, encouraging students to explore and appreciate the beauty of mathematics in their daily lives.

Estimated classroom time: 3 min
Chapter: Addition and Subtraction Story Problems
Unit: Additional Practice with Numbers up to 20
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3:00 min
Match the Word Problems Worksheet
Match the Word Problems Worksheet
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  • Activity 1 / Match the Word Problems Worksheet

    Mathematical problems can be presented in more than one way. You can easily show your kids how word problems can be translated into number problems with this worksheet. The first step is to read and understand the sentence, and then interpret it into the number problem. Read the simple word problem in this tracing sheet to your kids and then help them trace the dotted lines to connect each picture and number sentence with the matching problem.