Science Lesson - How Light Behaves, Grade 1

  • Activity 1 / Light Reflections Worksheet


    Use this worksheet to teach your students that some objects have smooth flat surfaces that can reflect light very well. What this means is that all the light beams will bounce off of them. It is even possible to see our own reflections in these objects. Ask your students if they can give you some examples of objects where we can see our reflections. Then, look at the pictures with them and help them check off the objects that can reflect light and form a reflection.

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  • Activity 2 / Transparent, Translucent, or Opaque Worksheet


    Before starting this exercise, it might be useful to remind your students what transparent objects, translucent objects, and opaque objects are. Transparent objects are those things that we can see through, translucent objects are not completely clear or transparent, but allow some light pass through them, and opaque objects completely block light from passing through them. Your students will need to look at the pictures in this worksheet and check off if each object is transparent, translucent, or opaque.

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  • Activity 3 / How Light Travels Worksheet


    With this colorful worksheet, your students can learn more about the way light travels. They will learn that light beams travel in a straight line, and cannot go around corners. Students will need to look through the pictures and check off all the correct examples of how light travels.

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