Foundational Reading Lesson - Identify the Meaning of Common Prefixes, Grade 2

  • Activity 1 / Word Parts: Base Words, Prefixes, and Suffixes

  • Activity 2 / Prefixes: -un, -re, -dis, -bi

  • Activity 3 / Prefix Re- Worksheet


    Prefixes are words which are added in front of another word to change its meaning. Most times, when re- is added to the front of another word, it changes its meaning to become ‘to do again’. Give your child some more examples of the re- prefix such as repay, which means to pay again, restart, which means to start again, as seen in this worksheet. Now, hold your little one’s hand and trace the re- in each word, then read the word aloud together with your child.

    Download Worksheet Complete online
  • Activity 4 / Prefix Un- Worksheet


    When another word is added to the front of a word, the meaning of the word changes. Usually, it changes into the opposite of what the original word meant, or into a word that negates the original word. For example; unhappy means not happy, unserious means not serious. Give your child some more examples to make sure that they completely understand what you are trying to teach them. Then, help them trace the un- in each word, and read the word aloud with them.

    Download Worksheet Complete online

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