English Language Arts Lesson - Illustrations in Informational Texts, Grade 1

  • Activity 1 / Choose Picture Words Worksheet


    There is so much value in pictures when children are learning to read. That's why so many early readers are full of colorful pictures and images. Early readers use prior knowledge and pictures to create meaning in their heads as they're reading, and combined with words they learn to recognize and decode, have greater comprehension ability. This free PDF worksheet will let them see just how much they can learn from both pictures and words, as they'll choose one to answer how they learned the given facts about flamingoes.

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  • Activity 2 / Picture Words Worksheet


    Pictures are an important facet of early learning-to-read skills. Children use pictures to connect with their prior knowledge and make meaning of the words they're reading, and it's important we remind them to use all the reading resources they can when they're looking at passages and trying to understand what they mean. With this free PDF, they'll be able to learn through pictures and through words, and they'll respond with which method they used for the fact-learning with two questions. It's a great way to impress that all the information in text is valuable—pictures included!

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  • Activity 3 / Pelicans Worksheet


    Many informational texts include pictures, sidebars, or diagrams to further explain the topic. Teach your child to properly read and analyze informational passages by providing him or her with ample practice! This printable worksheet will come in handy to teach these necessary reading skills and will serve to be an interesting lesson in animal science as well! Read all about pelicans and view the graph to answer the questions. Answer below the paragraph by responding to whether each statement is true or false.

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