English Language Arts Lesson - Long Vowels, Grade 1

  • Activity 1 / What Is Your Name? | Song

  • Activity 2 / Long Vowel A Worksheet

    Teaching kids their vowel sounds help them learn to read and spell. Make sure your child is on top of their vowels with this vibrantly colored long vowel A printable worksheet! 
    This worksheet can help your child: 
    • Learn and identify the long vowel A in speech and print
    • Tell the difference between the long vowel A and others by sounding out each word
    The sooner your child learns their vowel sounds, the faster your child will master language, including spelling, reading, speaking, and more! Use this vividly illustrated worksheet to watch your child excel, blossoming into a ready reader and writer!

  • Activity 3 / Long Vowel Maze /o/ and /i/ Worksheet

    Your new readers will have a ton of fun helping these adorable little mice find their way to the finish line and their prize cheese. All they have to do is help the mice get to the hole tracing their way through, letting words with the long o and long i sounds guide the way. Just don't let them run into the kitty cat on this fun and engaging worksheet, and build their sight word vocabulary as you do!

  • Activity 4 / Long Vowel E Printable

    Long vowels can be confusing for kids because the same vowel can be spelled in a variety of ways! Help your child learn the spellings most commonly associated with the long vowel E with this colorful long vowel E printable worksheet!
    While working on this worksheet, your child will: 
    • Learn different spellings that make up the long vowel E
    • Sound out each word to determine which words use the long vowel
    • Notice that other words with similar spellings might not sound the same
    With so many letter and sound combinations, learning to read and spell is hard for kids! Your child will master spelling with long vowel E in no time after completing this worksheet!

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