Logic and Early Math Lesson - Match Numerals to Quantities, Preschool

  • Activity 1 / Counting With Pirates Worksheet


    Ahoy, mateys! We’re on the hunt for the swashbuckling pirate that has not 1 or 2, but 4 treasure chests in this fun-filled counting with pirates worksheet! Your child will be delighted to go plundering for gold, while practicing foundational counting skills necessary for early math development!

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  • Activity 2 / Counting Worksheet


    Here’s a fun-filled counting worksheet for preschool that gives your child the chance to connect printed numbers to groups of objects on the paper. Kids learn math best when they can visually see groups of items in pictures.
    Build a foundation for math success using this colorful counting game!

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  • Activity 3 / Number Match Up Worksheet


    Excite your early learner with this cute number match-up worksheet! Your child will love the bright and catchy pictures while they practice important counting and matching skills. 
    Through completing this worksheet, your child will: 
    • Practice following relational directions, learning the difference between left and right in order to complete;
    • Understand how to recognize numbers, and be able to count the number given on the paper;
    • Practice counting skills to find the right answer.
    Building early math skills is essential to your preschooler’s early education. There’s no better way for your child to practice than with eye-catching images such as the veggies on this worksheet! Print this and delight your child with counting and veggie-matching fun!

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