Free Foundational Reading Lesson - Match Pictures with Words, Decoding Words, Grade 1

In the "Match Pictures with Words" lesson designed for Grade 1 students, as part of our "Decoding Words" chapter within the "Accuracy and Fluency" unit, learners will embark on an engaging journey to bridge the gap between visual cues and written language. Through the "What Is It? Worksheet" activity, students will meticulously observe illustrations and connect them with their corresponding written words. This essential skill fosters early reading abilities, enhancing their capacity to decode words effectively.

Understanding how to match pictures with words not only enriches vocabulary but also bolsters comprehension, enabling students to grasp context and meaning with increased ease. It lays a foundational stone towards achieving reading accuracy, a critical component in becoming fluent readers. This competency is paramount, as it supports learners in navigating through texts independently, instilling confidence and fostering a love for reading.

By nurturing these skills in Grade 1, we set the stage for academic success across all subjects. Recognizing words through pictorial association promotes cognitive development, critical thinking, and creativity, making this lesson an indispensable part of their educational journey.

Estimated classroom time: 3 min
Chapter: Decoding Words
Unit: Accuracy and Fluency
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3:00 min
What Is It? Worksheet
What Is It? Worksheet
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  • Activity 1 / What Is It? Worksheet

    How well can your kids identify objects from looking at images? You can use this worksheet to see just how well your kids are at identifying pictures. On this printout, there are three different pictures. Beside each one are four different options among which is the correct word that matches the image. First, point at the image and ask your child what it is. Then, help them check the box next to the correct word that matches the image.