Logic and Early Math Lesson - Match Quantities to Numerals, Preschool

  • Activity 1 / Count and Match 1 – 5 Math Worksheet


    There is nothing you can do without math! Print out this colorful math worksheet and give your little learner a fantastic head start on math. Kids need to count the adorable animals and find the correct numbers. This helpful worksheet is based on the time tested Singapore Math method and will help your kid develop an understanding of how math really works.
    Browse the impressive collection of preschool and kindergarten math worksheets on Kids Academy.

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  • Activity 2 / Fairy Tale Worksheet: Count and Classify with Rapunzel


    Rapunzel is trapped in her castle, and whatever will she do? She’ll play with her hair, of course! Your child will be excited to help Rapunzel find all the supplies she needs for her hair. Print this worksheet and watch your little one count and classify to help Rapunzel get what she needs.
    This worksheet will help your child to:
    • Read (with help) and follow directions;
    • Practice counting skills to find the specified objects;
    • Sharpen classification skills to find the right items;
    • Recognize numbers to mark answers. 
    Our preschool counting worksheets are a valuable tool that helps your child to practice critical skills; this worksheet will also help to engage your little learner in the world of their favorite stories.

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  • Activity 3 / Counting Worksheet: Let's Practice Counting


    Arctic animals are having a birthday party, and need your child’s help to count the supplies and guests! Delight your child with this adorable counting worksheet that will encourage your little learner to focus on details to solve the game! 
    This worksheet can help your child: 
    • Practice important counting skills
    • Improve attention to detail 
    • Strengthen problem-solving skills.
    When kids pay attention to the finer details, they can better sort and classify objects in the world around them. What’s more, is that your child will spend time using a process of elimination to improve problem-solving and cognitive skills, making this kindergarten counting game printable is excellent practice to help your child improve in math and thinking skills!

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