Math Lesson - Multiplication Facts 1, Grade 3

  • Activity 1 / Electric Multiplication Facts Worksheet


    There is really no end to helping your kids with their mathematics assignments. If they have completely scaled through addition and subtraction, usually the next stage for your little ones is multiplication. Now, multiplication may seem intimidating and difficult to understand in the beginning. But, with simple tips and worksheets such as this one, your kids will find that it is not that difficult. The first thing to know is that when you multiply a number by 1, the answer remains that number. Help your kids solve the multiplication facts in this tracing sheet.

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  • Activity 2 / Multiplying 1’s With the Power of Peanuts Worksheet


    George Washington Carver blessed us with some of his genius creations from back in the day. Can your kids tell you some of the creations Carver gave the world? Look at this simple worksheet with your kids. Help George Washington Carver bring the peanuts in order to improve the soil condition. Then, assist your kids as they draw a line through all of the correct multiplication facts to get the peanuts to George Carver.

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  • Activity 3 / Voting by 1s Worksheet


    Does your child know some of the duties of a good citizen? Ask them if they can list some of the things that a good citizen does in the community. One of the very important duties of a citizen is voting. By voting, we can elect good and right candidates to be our leaders. In this worksheet, the voting ballots have all fallen to the floor! Help your kids pick up all the ballots, and cast each vote by circling all of the correct multiplication facts.

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