World around Us Lesson - My Five Senses, Preschool

  • Activity 1 / Five Senses Printable


    If you’re looking for a great way to jumpstart your child’s critical thinking skills and introduce the five senses, you’ve come to the right place!
    Free printable five senses worksheets are a great way to get started! Here’s a worksheet to review the different senses and work his thinking skills. 
    This worksheet is great for: 
    • Practicing critical thinking skills 
    • Introducing the five senses and reviewing each
    Work with your child and talk through each image on the page so that your child understands the answer. To supplement learning, find objects around the house to quiz your child after completing the worksheet!

    Download Worksheet Complete online
  • Activity 2 / Can You Hear Me Worksheet


    When kids understand their own senses, they can communicate better, and gain more knowledge about the world around them. Challenge your child’s thinking with this cute can you hear me worksheet, designed to call your child’s attention to their sense of hearing.  
    Use this worksheet to help your child: 
    • Use prior knowledge to understand which objects make sounds 
    • Develop critical thinking skills  
    Your child will probably laugh imagining that balls and cupcakes make sounds while they determine the answers! Don’t forget to extend learning by talking about what types of sounds the correct answers make and why!

    Download Worksheet Complete online
  • Activity 3 / Hot or Cold Printable


    Believe it or not, the sense of touch keeps people safe. When kids can differentiate the temperature of objects, they can tell whether they should touch it.
    Awaken your child’s awareness of the senses with this fun hot or cold worksheet! 
    Why use this worksheet? 
    • Your child will use prior knowledge to think through the answer
    • Since each image has a correct answer, your child will sharpen advanced problem solving skills 
    Toddlers learn the difference between hot and cold early on, but aren’t always able to tell what is hot or cold until they already touch an object. Add to your child’s mental library by providing practice with one of the most important of the five senses!

    Download Worksheet Complete online
  • Activity 4 / Prickly Nature Worksheet


    Ouch, that hurts! Things that are spiky sure can pinch! Teach your child about important textures—and how to admire them and avoid them—with this prickly nature printable worksheet. 
    This worksheet will help your child: 
    • Recognize objects, plants, and animals that are prickly or spiky
    • Differentiate between things that are prickly and soft to the touch
    • Sharpen critical thinking and problem solving skills
    Teaching kids about their sense of touch helps to keep them safe. Use this worksheet to get started, and then you’re your child recognize prickly objects in your environment!

    Download Worksheet Complete online

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