Science Lesson - Observing Patterns and Making Predictions, Grade 1

  • Activity 1 / Observing the Sky Worksheet


    Look up to the sky. What do you see? A rainbow? Some clouds? Maybe the moon? What we see when we go outside and look up can vary based upon whether it is day or night. At night we see the stars and moon, while we see the sun and clouds throughout the day. Review this important science concept with your little learner by completing this fun and colorful worksheet from Kids Academy! Simply sort and check off the objects that can be observed by night or day while going down the column in the center of this fun-filled page!

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  • Activity 2 / Predicting Weather Worksheet


    The weather can often be predicted when observing its patterns! Use this helpful weather worksheet to help your little scientist predict the weather based upon previous observations. While working on this colorful page, students will practice analyzing data to make a scientific prediction based upon what they noticed. After completion, talk with children help them explain their responses to drive the lesson home.

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  • Activity 3 / Temperature Patterns Worksheet


    Depending on where your family lives, you may be able to expect particular temperatures based upon your climate and the time of year. In many places in America, this means it is colder in the winter, and hotter in the summer. In this science worksheet, a cute character named Adam has recorded some data based upon the temperatures in his area over a few months. Help your child to analyze his data to predict the temperatures for one month in each season. Check the box next to the correct temperature in each row to complete this tricky worksheet!

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