Science Lesson - Parent and Offspring Behavior, Grade 1

  • Activity 1 / Animal Nests Worksheet


    All animals need a home to go back to so they can sleep and keep safe from predators. For many members of the animal kingdom, this means making a nest or hive. This vivid worksheet depicts several types of nests and hives that can be made by different types of flying animals from birds to bees! Encourage learners to look at the animal on the left and closely examine each nest or hive to the right. Which one looks like the perfect home for that animal? Check off the correct nest to complete!

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  • Activity 2 / Animals and Their Young Worksheet


    When it comes to babies, animals use different strategies to protect them and keep them close. Some have pouches, while others hitch a ride on mama’s back! Teach your child more about the animal kingdom with this adorable science worksheet that will teach them more about animals and their young! Help your child read the sentence above each illustration before selecting the description that depicts how that animal cares for their babies. Check off the correct description to complete this fun-filled sheet!

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  • Activity 3 / Bald Eagle Parents Worksheet


    Baby birds need constant protection to defend them from predators that may swoop in to steal small hatchlings! The famous and well-respected bald eagle is no different and are wonderful parents to their young! Use this fascinating science worksheet to teach your little learner more about how bald eagles care for their eaglets. Just read the passage at the top of the page and put their reading comprehension to the test by answering the questions below.

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