Plant World - Lesson for Grade 1, Chapter - Plants

Estimated classroom time: 9 min
Chapter: Plants
Unit: Science
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3:00 min
What Do Plants Need to Grow Worksheet
What Do Plants Need to Grow Worksheet
3:00 min
Where Do They Grow Worksheet
Where Do They Grow Worksheet
3:00 min
Types of Flowering Plants Worksheet
Types of Flowering Plants Worksheet
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  • Activity 1 / What Do Plants Need to Grow Worksheet

    Childhood is a time of endless exploration and discovery, and there’s nothing more fun for kids than uncovering the secrets of the world around them. Let this how do plants grow worksheet jumpstart a conversation about plants and what they need to grow into beautiful flowers, trees, and more! 
    Completing this worksheet will help your child: 
    • Increase knowledge about how plants grow
    • Build a foundation for science skills and understanding of living organisms
    • Sharpen problem solving skills as they identify what doesn’t fit.
    Take your child’s learning to the next level; after completing this worksheet, help your child plant a seed and use the answers to provide what the seed needs to grow. Then, watch with your child while the seed sprouts into a plant right before his eyes!

  • Activity 2 / Where Do They Grow Worksheet

    Apples, cherries, and blueberries are some of kids’ favorite flavors, but where do they grow? Sometimes we forget that kids’ favorite foods come from plants that they can learn about to grow their science skills! Jumpstart your little one’s agricultural knowledge with this vivid worksheet featuring tasty fruits and vegetables.
    Here’s why you’ll love this worksheet: 
    • Your child will learn that different fruits and veggies grow in different ways
    • Your child will sharpen important classification skills
    • This worksheet will build a foundation for learning about different types of plants and vegetation.
    Science is fascinating for kids because it brings new meaning to their everyday world. Captivate your child by bringing new meaning to their favorite foods by teaching where they come from!

  • Activity 3 / Types of Flowering Plants Worksheet

    Help children take a step outside and look around; what do they see? Chances are they see many different types of plants, from trees to bushes and flowers! Help your budding botanist discover more about the many types of flowering plants by printing this interesting science worksheet! Simply study the plant pictures to determine which are trees, shrubs, herbs, or vines. Then watch as your child checks off the correct images to finish this intriguing sheet!

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