Math Lesson - Put objects in order, Grade 1

  • Activity 1 / Measuring Musical Instruments Worksheet


    Learning to take proper measurements can be tricky, especially with the different metric systems we have. However, you can use simple exercises such as the one found in this worksheet to show your child how measuring things can actually be easy. Look at the instruments in the pictures. Can your kids identify them? Now, check the numbers next to the instruments to order them by length. Check the 3 next to the longest instrument and the 1 next to the shortest instrument.

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  • Activity 2 / Measuring Reptiles Worksheet


    Do your students know what reptiles are? If they do, ask them to give you some examples of animals which are classified as reptiles, and some of the features of reptiles. Now, in this worksheet, your kindergartners will be learning to measure with reptiles. Look at the picture and ask your students to check the numbers next to the reptiles to order them by length. Help them check the 4 next to the longest reptile, and then check the 1 next to the shortest reptile.

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  • Activity 3 / Ordering Penguins Worksheet


    Penguins are cute little flightless birds which live mostly in sold places, close to the sea. These birds can swim a really long distance and also survive on land. Show your kids the pictures of the penguins and this worksheet and teach them some cool facts about the birds. Then, help your kids check the numbers next to the penguins to order them by height. Check the 5 next to the tallest penguin, and check the 1 next to the shortest penguin.

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