Foundational Reading Lesson - Read Texts with Understanding - Sequence of Events, Grade 2

  • Activity 1 / Life Cycle of a Frog Worksheet


    When your kids learn how to read, they will be able to learn many new things, and will also be able to learn faster. Frogs are very interesting creatures, and they go through a cycle before they turn into the adult frog we all know. Look at this worksheet with your kids. Help them read the passage aloud, and point at the pictures showing all the different life cycles of the frog. Then, help your kids check the correct number that matches the order of events in a frog’s life cycle.

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  • Activity 2 / The Scientific Process Worksheet


    Science is a lot of fun if your kids learn about it the right way. With this worksheet, your kids will learn more about science and what scientists do, and also practice their reading skills. First of all, help your kids read the short passage. Now, ask them if they can tell you what they have learnt from the short story. Then, read the questions to your kids, and help them check the correct numbers to put the events in order.

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