Science Lesson - Review, Sound and Light, Grade 1

In this engaging lesson titled "Review," first-grade students will delve deep into the captivating world of Sound and Light, a crucial unit in their Science curriculum. Through a variety of activities including the fun-filled Musical Band Worksheet and comprehensive Sound and Light Review exercises, students will reinforce their understanding of fundamental concepts associated with sound and light sources, how they travel, and their importance in our daily lives.

Learners will explore the properties of sound and light, such as sound being a vibration that travels through air, water, and solids, and light enabling us to see the world around us. The hands-on activity with the Musical Band Worksheet will illustrate how different instruments produce varying sounds, enhancing their grasp of sound waves and vibrations. Additionally, the Sound and Light Review will solidify their knowledge by revisiting key points, ensuring a well-rounded understanding.

Understanding these concepts is crucial as they lay the foundation for future scientific learning. It helps students appreciate the science behind everyday phenomena, encouraging curiosity and a love for science. Moreover, grasping these basic principles prepares students for more complex topics in later grades, making it an indispensable part of their education.

Estimated classroom time: 7 min
Chapter: Sound and Light
Unit: Science
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3:00 min
Musical Band Worksheet
Musical Band Worksheet
4:00 min
Sound and Light Review
Sound and Light Review
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  • Activity 1 / Musical Band Worksheet

    When several people play different musical instruments to create a song, we call that group a band! Most kids love music and may one day play in a band themselves! Pique your child’s interest in the arts by offering this free printable coloring worksheet. For younger learners, discuss the types of instruments depicted and the sounds they make. Then encourage children to select the best colors to make this band come to life on the page!

  • Activity 2 / Sound and Light Review - Quiz

    In this quiz students will demonstrate their ability to identify sound and light and their many uses and forms in the world around us.