Foundational Reading Lesson - Rhyming Words, Kindergarten

  • Activity 1 / Time to Rhyme Rhyming Worksheet


    Idioms and catchy sayings are a wonderful way to create rhymes that your child will remember! Just like using acronyms to remember important titles or concepts, expressions help kids to memorize information. This adorable rhyming words worksheet for kindergarten will delight your child with joyful sayings that they will want to use again and again! 
    Through this worksheet your child will: 
    • Learn catchy sayings that include rhyming words
    • Notice words and sounds that rhyme
    • Use problem solving skills to solve each expression.
    When kids learn something that they can use in their everyday life, they gain the repetition needed to internalize the skills they’re learning. When kids use these expressions when they talk, they continue to learn about rhyming long after they finish the worksheet! 
    Check out our ample collection of nursery rhymes to support your kids' rhyming practice.

    Download Worksheet Complete online
  • Activity 2 / Odd Word Out Rhyming Worksheet


    Odd Words OutHere’s an odd word out printable worksheet that with enough room to add your own rhymes! Practicing rhyming words is a crucial skill for kids, as they build knowledge of words and language before they start to read. By finding the word that doesn’t belong, your child will use problem solving skills while they notice rhyming words. 
    This worksheet will help your child: 
    • Find the odd word out using problem solving process of elimination skills
    • Take note of which words sound alike, and which don’t
    • Build a mental library of words that rhyme.
    When your child is finished, help him or her think of different rhyming words that also rhyme with the words on the page. There’s enough room on the worksheet to add in a few of your own words, so grab a pencil and help your child write the new words and draw a picture for each!

    Download Worksheet Complete online

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