Foundational Reading Lesson - Story Structure, Grade 2

  • Activity 1 / Setting of a Story Worksheet


    There are many things that go into telling a good story. First, you have the characters, the theme, the point of view, plot, settings and so much more. Ask your kids if they can explain to you what all of these things mean. Then, use this worksheet to teach your kids that the setting of a story tells where and when the story takes place. Read the story with your kids and circle the picture that best shows the correct setting of the story.

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  • Activity 2 / Story Structure Worksheet


    Every good story has a structure, and writers often follow this structure to offer clarity to their readers. A story has a beginning where the characters and setting are often introduced. Then, there is the middle of the story, where some of the major events in the story happen. Finally, there is the ending of the story, where all the events are usually resolved and wrapped up. Help your students read the story in this worksheet and then figure out the different parts of the story.

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